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Combination of stainless steel water tank

Fashionable technology, forming a rectangular top sheet by the unit any assembly welding, with the beautiful appearance and characteristics of the times, corresponding to complete, flexible options.

 Health and Safety durable stainless steel surface is smooth, easy to epiphytic algae, easy to clean water, sediment erosion.

 Easy to install any combination of devices can be set according to place, any combination of polygons, order delivery-shaped, L-shaped and other forms of lead tank.

 Excellent selection of high performance anti-corrosion crack use 201,304-2B, 316L stainless steel sheet tensile repression, has a unique anti-corrosion cracking.

 Widely used to produce sophisticated precision mold hydraulic stretch forming, embossing unit rectangular plate forming the tank with high precision, can be widely used in hotels, apartments, high-rise, manufacturers of hot and cold water storage tanks, food, medicine, environmental protection, chemical industry liquid storage containers.






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